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Should You Make Beats or Buy Beats When Learning to Sing or Rap

Rap Beats OnlineEveryone wants to learn how to make beats but not everyone can actually make beats. Many times you’ll download some good beat making software and try your hand at making instrumental music and it will just be a hugely frustrating experience.

And you’ll also want to ask yourself what do you need the beats for? Are you trying to become a music producer? Or are you an artist (singer or rapper) that just needs some beats to make your music on? These are very important questions you want to ask yourself.

It’s a really romantic idea that you can sing, dance, rap and make beats all at the same time. You see artists like J. Cole or Big KRIT and see that they make their own beats and you want to. But that isn’t the best path for all aspiring artists.

If you’re a singer, you should probably focus on being able to sing the absolute best compared to anyone else. If you’re a rapper, get your vocabulary and flow game up. If you want to make beats, learn how to make beats properly.

music production for dummiesSo before trying to be the triple-threat dream player, just focus on your main craft. Real talk. The best thing a singer could do to improve the chances they’ll make it big is to just constantly learn how to sing better.

And of course, make some music and put it out there. But therein lies the problem for many artists. If you don’t make your own beats and record your own music and do your own promotion and everything else in between, how will you ever make it? You’re broke! You can’t hire a $10,000 producer to make an album for you! You have to do it all yourself! Right?

Wrong. That’s where buying beats online comes in. There are a ton of websites and music producers and beat makers out there who will gladly sell you beats for $10-$20 a pop. And then you can write your own songs and record them using your computer.

But where should you buy r&b or hip hop beats? There’s a ton of great places to buy rap beats on the internet for a start. And that doesn’t even count the local music producers in your city. It doesn’t matter where you live nowadays, you’ll always be able to find someone who makes beats for sale.

If you need more sources of good quality instrumental music then just do a quick Google search and you’ll find a ton of great places to buy rap beats online.

So before you go down the road of trying to do everything all on your own, I suggest you re-think your strategy for making and promoting your music and just focus on what you’re most passionate about and talented at.

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